November 16, 2006


Looking through the governments e-petitions site there are, as you would expect several calling for the Prime Minister to resign. A few of the others caught my eye as things that I will sign.

First of all I'm rather pleased that the current number one is repeal the Hunting Act 2004, 700 hours wasted on mindless prejudice on the part of Labour to try and persuade themselves that they are noble class warriors, rather than professional politicians with little to no connection to anything beyond the Westminster bubble.

Then there is this one by The Remittance Man calling for an english parliament.

Quite a few on the EU, with only one not very popular poll in support of it asking to join the Euro, but others demanding referenda on continued membership, a second on EU membership, regionalisation, and one to simply leave the EU and establish a free trade zone.

Some other goodies are a call to Repeal those provisions of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 and scrap ID Cards.

All good fun, even if I know that it will be totally ignored seeing as my post code shows that I am not in a Labour, or ever likely to go Labour, constituency. The confirmation emails do seem rather slow coming, I guess the site must be getting a real hammering.


Another one that I have signed is to stop the government banning violent porn.


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